John Dee’s high quality grain fed beef is the product of an integrated feeding program at selected feedlots. Modern technology and cattle care practices ensure our cattle enjoy a clean stress free environment. Feeder cattle are specially selected direct from accredited producers of well bred cattle and are fed a balanced diet of quality flaked grain with locally produced feedstuffs to achieve a high grade product. Carcase grading is administered by the AUS-MEAT chiller assessment system using qualified graders. John Dee brands available are listed below. For more information about our products please contact us.

Grass Fed

The Premium grade is just that – a premium grass fed animal carefully selected from our own cattle and the leading producers from the Southern Highlands-Darling Downs. This results in a clean, sweet flavoured beef all because of the superb pastures these cattle graze on. Our only grass fed brand, with only the best quality applied.

Grain Fed Young Beef

For the last 10 years John Dee has held pride and place in the Australian domestic market with its Yearling beef brand Banksia. Young sweet beef flavours flow through every cut available, and the quality is second to none. We only select the best quality cattle to produce this product range and it gives us the control needed to keep a wonderful product at the top of the market. Clean, fresh and pure flavours shine through, texture is always soft. Fantastic for retail, excellent for foodservice. YGGF MSA-YGGF categories available.

Grain Fed (Min 100 days)

100 day grain fed cattle bred and fed to our exact standards. This product continually leads the market for flavour and texture. Superior flavour and all round softness in the meat gives everyone the result they are looking for. Best of all, it’s great value for money. When looking for a brand that will deliver quality results in all worldwide markets, Silver is it.

Grain Fed (Min 150 days)

150 day mid fed cattle with Marble Scores 1, 2, 3 that ensures you will have a grade of high quality beef to suit every sector of the market. Extremely well bred cattle of all breeds combined with a nutritional ration results in beef that delivers every time.

Grain Fed (150-250 days)

When asked to select a quality of beef that best represents our company, it has to be Super Gold. It’s our Director’s choice, selected for its superior cattle and all round superior quality. You’ll be sure to impress with this MSA product with a 3+ marble score.

Grain Fed (Min 150 days)

150 day mid fed cattle high quality Angus beef. Available in various marble scores this beef will simply deliver in all the areas that matter: texture, marbling, flavour and consistency. No doubt the best quality you can serve in markets where it matters. Medium to Long fed -Angus Bred cattle… it does not get any better. The choice of all the leading steak houses in Australia. Try it. Your customers will thank you for it.

GRAIN FED (220-250 Days)

In line with our Heritage of Fine Beef John Dee is proud to announce that our Diamond Dee range of beef is back after 25 years. This brand was the company’s flagship when the Japanese market demanded an exquisite product all those years ago. Pre 1990, the world of beef was remarkably different to what we see today, however even then John Dee’s Diamond Dee was ahead of its time and Long Fed Cattle that marbled 4+ was unheard of. Marble score 4-5 for the Diamond Dee complements the Marble score 6-7 in the Diamond Dee Black range.

GRAIN FED (Min 400 Days)

You want the ultimate in Beef, we’ve got it. Wagyu F1 beef Wagyu is and without any challenge the most superior breed for beef excellence. Combined with our exacting standards, it delivers time and time again. Look no further if you’re wanting the best of the best. John Dee’s Platinum Wagyu is “simply the best”. Marbles scores range 2 to 9+