Our plant is licensed to world markets – Japan, Korea, China, UK, Europe, Middle East, SE-Asia and North America. Plant is halal registered.

Trained staff and careful supervision of procedures and hygiene are carried out in our modern processing facility. Beef carcases are chilled for 24 hours, then chiller assessed by AusMeat qualified graders to determine marbling score, meat and fat colour. Carcases proceed through the boning room in graded lots according to quality. Vacuum packed product passes through chill tunnels which ensure long shelf life. John Dee specialises in cutting to particular customer specifications, supervised by our well trained staff.


Our products are manufactured to the strict standards of a government approved and audited MSQA programme, are Halal and EU eligible


We are dedicated to supply safe, quality products that meet our customers requirements. Food safety is of utmost importance and is reflected in our quality assurance systems.


Our HACCP plans at our processing facility in conjunction with our own NADA accredited laboratory ensure product is of the highest food safety standard. All production steps are constantly monitored and recorded.


All grain fed cattle are DNA traceable utilising SURETRAK technology which is in turn supported by the National Livestock Identification Scheme. Another mandatory system – Livestock Producer Assurance ensures all the beef we process is free from chemical residues and maintains our clean and green status. Our plant uses Suretrak, taking samples of every animal and through this system products can be traced back to animals from the production process – allowing us full traceability.


BRC – Global Standard of Food Safety, certification against the standard is recognised by many retailers, food service companies and manufacturers around the world when assessing the capabilities of the suppliers.

The Global Standard for Food safety has been developed to specify the food safety, quality and operational criteria required to be in place within a food manufacturing organisation to fulfil obligations with regard to legal compliance and protection of the consumer. The format and content of the standard is designed to allow an assessment of a company’s premises, operational systems and procedures by a competent third party – the certification body – against the requirements of the standard.

Our modern, efficient operation enables us to meet the demands of customers all over the globe. For more information about any of the details below,